NEUROTOXINA - Neurotoxic Hypnofungus

NEUROTOXINA - Neurotoxic Hypnofungus

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I'm a cruel sexy nurse, who stole a dangerous neurotoxin (called HypnoFungus) from the lab's hospital.

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She also took a patient (you) and took you to her torture room, to test this terrible toxin. This toxin has the power to transform a human being into a zombie, with a simple injection. A mind-controlled zombie, with no thoughts, no feelings, no will...just a robot only able to obey orders. In fact, her goal is humiliate you and physically torture you, once you are turned into a zombie. Her zombie-toy! Since she learnt about hypnosis at her hospital, she does a long induction to you, just before injecting the HypnoFungus. Once you are totally weak and vulnerable , she takes 2 doses and she injects them directly in your brain passing through your eyes. You become a zombie, and..what happens next? Well, she commands you to torture yourself with your own hands, so, like a good zombie, you have to follow her bdsm instructions and rules!

I'm not going to tell you about the kind of tortures you have to suffer, buy the video if you want to know. I just let you know that you will need a rubber band and a fork, so just take them before starting the video!

This video is inspired by a real existing fungus ( Ophiocordyceps camponoti-balzani ) which attacks ants and tranforms them into zombies , click here to read about it. I loved this story and I decided to use it for you!

Lenght: 40 min, 882 mb (HD)